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Important information about schools in Flintshire

Important information regarding schools in Flintshire


Flintshire County Council has taken the decision that all schools who are able to should open on Monday 23 March to make provision for children whose parents are vital workers, where they are either:


· A single parent vital worker; or

· Both parents are vital workers


This provision will be in place initially for one week. Further updates on the weeks after will be provided as soon as possible.


The expectation is that any child who can safely be cared for at home should be and it is in exceptional circumstances that they will need to access this provision. This is important as the purpose of school closure is ultimately to reduce social contact.


We are planning for schools to be open between 8.00am – 5.30pm. Parents should regularly check the status of their local school by accessing their own school’s website along with the Flintshire School Closure website ( for updates. This page will be regularly updated. If your school is not one that is planning to open, then you should contact the school to discuss alternative arrangements.


Catering will be provided to all children who attend.


The school transport network will continue to operate all next week at the usual times (i.e school hours) for the children of vital workers should parents need to access it. Parents should contact if they have any queries.


It is important that children do not sit together on the transport and should sit on separate rows to reduce social contact.


Schools will continue to adhere to the latest WG and Public Health Wales advice and guidance when considering their provision, particularly with regard to social distancing and self-isolation, see link below: