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Meet the Staff

Mrs N. Mead - Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Mrs R. Lewis - Assistant Headteacher (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)


Mrs H. Tully - Additional Needs Co-ordinator (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)


Ms J. Daley - Senior Manager


Mrs A. Morgan - Nursery - Seren

Mrs R. Lewis/Mrs A. Morgan - Reception and Year 1- Gwyn

Mrs C. Ware - Reception and Year 1 - Gwyrdd

Mr D. Williams - Year 1/2 - Melyn

Miss C.A. Benson - Year 1/2 - Glas

Mrs J. Williams - Year 1/2 - Coch

Mrs A. Jones - Year 3/4 - Tegid

Ms J. Daley - Year 3/4 - Brenig

Mrs E. Hebden - Year 3/4 - Alwen

Mr R. Ruddle - Year 4/5  - Celyn

Miss J. Barlow - Year 4/5 - Padarn

Miss A. Foulkes - Year 5/6 - Berwyn

Miss M. Gallagher- Year 5/6 - Gwynant


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L. Bassett, Mrs N. Roberts-Lamb, Mrs A. Sheady, Mrs J. Heffernan, Mrs N. Peart, Mrs A. Cook, Miss A. Cambray, Miss L. Gaskell, Mrs H. Simons, Mr T. Wosley, Mrs M. Dandridge, Mrs M. Teare, Mrs J. Oldfield, Mrs E. Upson, Mr J. Round and Mrs K. Dooner.


Miss B. Weigh, Miss A. Nock, Mrs C. Ormerod and Miss E. Mealing.



Miss T. Coley, Miss G. Mansell, Miss M. Walker and Mr N. Chesters.


Mrs P. Leech - Business Manager (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs K. Roberts - Administration Assistant


Mr J. Gardner - Caretaker


Cleaners - Spick and Span Cleaning Services


Cook and Kitchen Staff (Newydd Caterers)

Mrs T. Owens, Mrs L. Parry, Mr D. Marsden