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Meet the Staff

Miss N. Kilpatrick - Headteacher


Mrs K. Roberts - Assistant Headteacher and ALNCo

Miss R. Davies - Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 2 Manager and Year 5/6 Teacher


Miss J. Daley - Foundation Phase Manager and Year 1/2 Teacher


Mrs A. Morgan - Nursery Teacher

Mr D. Williams - Reception Teacher

Mrs A. Jones - Reception Teacher

Miss J. Daley - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs E. Hebden - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs J. Beck - Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss M. Gallagher - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs C.Ware - Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss S Clemence / Mrs C. Pickstock - Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss A. Foulkes - Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr R. Ruddle - Year 4/5 Teacher

Miss C.A. Benson - Year 4/5 Teacher

Mrs J. Williams - Year 5/6 Teacher

Miss R. Davies - Year 5/6 Teacher


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L. Bassett, Mrs A. French, Mrs N. Roberts-Lamb, Mrs A. Sheady, Mrs J. Heffernan, Miss D. Griffiths, Miss N. Latham, Mrs A. Cook, Miss H. Speakman, Miss A. Cambray, Miss L. Gaskell, Mrs D,Davies, Mr T. Wosley, Mrs A.M. Maguire, Mrs M. Dandridge, Mrs M. Teare, Mrs J. Oldfield


Mrs C. Prince, Miss B. Weigh, Mrs E. Upson, Miss A. Nock, Miss C. Ouslem



Miss K. White, Miss P. Jones


Mrs P. Leech - Business Manager

Mrs K. Cooper - Administration Assistant


Mr A. Williams - Caretaker

Mrs P. Campbell - Crossing Patrol


Cleaners - Spick and Span


Cook and Kitchen Staff (Newydd Caterers)

Mrs T. Owen, Mrs A. Richards, Mrs L. Parry