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Criw Cymraeg

Our Criw Cymraeg work together to promote the use of Welsh language and a Welsh ethos within our school community, through finding new and interesting ways in which to use our language. The Criw are also helping our school work towards the Cymraeg Campus Gwobr Efydd (Bronze Award) - reflecting our passion in helping our school's bilingualism.


Our Criw Cymraeg members are: Gracie-Mae, Maisie, Jess, Daisy D, Hannah, Julia, Penny M, Alfie S, Ben T and Amilie.


Our School's Vision for the Welsh Language. The Criw worked with our school community to develop our Welsh language vision and we decided to use our school's principles of 'Ready, Respectful and Safe' within our vision - showing that we are: Ready to Learn Welsh, Respectful of the language and Safe to have a go!