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Pupil Parliament

Annually, our learners from Years 2-6, are encouraged to apply to be part of our school parliament, they are asked to share how they would contribute and engage in moving their school forward.  It is important that our Pupil Parliament represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


This years parliamentarians are:

Prime Minister : Alfie

Deputy Prime Minister: Maya

Secretary: Lucy

Play Minister: Chloe 

Behaviour Minister: Grace

Sports Minister: Layton

Art Minister: Nicholas

IT Minister: Archie

Visitor Minister: Cade






"Hi, I am Alfie, my role in the school parliament is that I am the Prime Minister.  We work very hard in the parliament and this year we are focusing on SIPs, school improvement plans and as part of this we're looking at cotton uses and wastage across our school.  We are focusing on a recycled school uniform shop."



"Hi, I am Lucy and I'm the secretary of the school parliament.  I want to ensure that everyone in this school is happy and safe.  We are currently in the process of many things to help everyone feel welcome in this school.  Some of the things we are working on include; A zone 2 timetable, the Australian bush fires, reducing/reusing cotton uniform."



"My name is Cade. I am currently in my second year of being in school parliament.  This year my role is visitor minister.  I welcome and show around visitors that visit our school.  I enjoy my role as I get to meet new people."



"I am the art minister and my job is to draw/colour posters to help get our messages across.  I hope to achieve love in art for everyone and for them to enjoy learning new things in art.  We are learning not to waste clothes and recycle and we are also considering a school parliament shop."



"Hi, I am Chloe the play minister for the school parliament.  This year for the school we are hoping to be able to make a school shop to selling fruit, pens and maybe a few other things.  The school parliament have also decided that we are having an own clothes day on February 14th.  As play minister I am hoping to encourage good behaviour on the playground."



"Hello, I am Grace the behaviour minister.  I think my role as behaviour minister is to help keep good behaviour on the playground.  The teachers in our school are really caring and nice and they will explain things really well and sort out big or small problems.  Miss Kilpatrick and Mrs Roberts take time out of their day to talk to the children and make sure they are all ok.  I want to make sure that the school parliament keeps this good work."



"Hello, my name is Archie and I am the IT minister in the school parliament.  We are planning to make a shop in school so we can sell school uniform as we are trying to reuse cotton.  We are holding a non school uniform day on February 14th and the money raised will help a local animal charity and the Australian bush fires."



"I am in the school parliament because I want to make sure that people are enjoying themselves with sports.  The other day I spoke to one of our teachers about a new after school activity, which was throwing activities and gymnastics."

We use some of the money raised by 'Friends of Ysgol Cae'r Nant', to help us make some 'big' decisions.  Some of the decisions our school parliament have been involved in this year are;


  • Buying goals for our playground for when we play football
  • Asking for extra bikes and games for us to use during our break and lunch times
  • Sharing our thoughts with the Head and Assistant Headteacher on what we think about the amazing Mantle of the Expert
  • Carrying out learning walks to see how good our school is and to share any ideas we have, for making it even better.
  • Presented information to the whole school about our concerns on keeping our hands clean after going to the bathroom!
We are currently working on a number of projects to support sustainability in our school.