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World rugby cup Japan

Padarn have been very busy helping the WRU to organise their trip to Japan. They have started by creating a travel agent team to make checklists to ensure the players don't forget anything. They have also created "A players guide to Japan" to help them with their travels. 

Padarn have been closely following the World Rugby Cup, they have even created a training programme for the Welsh players when their training team became ill. Unfortunately Wales were knocked out during the semi-finals. The players needed some food to bring home with them on the plane, luckily the experts were able to create instructions for a jam sandwich which met all of the players dietary requirements. They even made the sandwiches to ensure their instructions were correct and quality tested them ... delicious!yes

The WRU have been so thrilled with how well they have done in the world rugby cup, and have gathered a huge following of Japanese fans that they have decided to open a merchandise shop in Tokyo. In their shop they want to sell board games that represent the WRU and are aimed at age 7+ for 2-4 players. The game designers set to work right away! After designing and making their board games we invited some 7 year olds to test the games, it was a great success and lots of fun!