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Monday 11th May


How are you feeling?

This week, have a practise talking about how you are feeling.  It might be nice to record a diary of how you are feeling each day. In class we like to play a game guessing how the other person is feeling than asking and seeing if we guessed correctly!


Sut wyt ti heddiw?            How are you today?


Dw i'n_____             I am_____



iawn, diolch            good, thank you

weddol                        fine

bendigedig              brilliant

hapus                           happy

trist                          sad

wedi blino               tired

sâl                                  ill

oer                        cold



This week, have a go at using the following Welsh language patterns, and have a listen to our class’ favourite Welsh songs, following the links below: (Ty Bach Twt) (Heno, heno) (Un a dwy a thair)


Bore da - Good morning

Pryn hawn da - Good afternoon

Nos da - Good night

Sut wyt ti - how are you?

Pwy wyt ti? What’s your name

—— ydw I.  My name is ————.


Counting to 10 -  dim, un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, deg


 Colours - coch ❀️ melyn πŸ’› glas πŸ’™ gwyrdd πŸ’š oren 🧑 porffor πŸ’œ pinc πŸ’—