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1st June 2020

This week we are going to revise talking about our feelings. Please have a look at the short video entitled 


Welsh - greetings "Sut wyt ti?" - you'll find this as an assigned activity on Seesaw. 


See if you can work with a partner (sister, brother, Mummy or Daddy) to practise the language pattern shown in the video. I'd love to see some videos of you having a try!


Good luck / Pob lwc!



25th May 2020


This week, we are going to revise our colours. As you go about your day, try where possible to talk about the colours that you see in Welsh. 

Check out the activity on Seesaw entitled - "25th May 2020 - Learn our colours with Super Sammy"

The video shows you the language pattern that I would like you to practise.

Pa lliw? - What colour?

Pob lwc!!

11th May 2020


This week, we are going to practice talking about the weather.


If possible, work with your child to draw three pictures.


A picture of a sun:


A picture of a cloud:




A picture of the rain :


This covers the mainstay of what has been taught so far in the classroom.


Each day, ask your child:


"Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?"      What's the weather like today?


Your child will be able to choose the correct picture and then can practise responding:


Mae'n heulog            It's sunny

Mae'n gymylog         It's cloudy

Mae'n bwrw glaw      It's raining


Swap places with your child - ask them to be the teacher and ask the question and you be the pupil and respond with the correct picture and answer. 

4th May 2020


This week, I would like you to practise your numbers and your colours!


Counting to 10 -  dim, un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, deg


 Colours - coch ❀️ melyn πŸ’› glas πŸ’™ gwyrdd πŸ’š oren 🧑 porffor πŸ’œ pinc πŸ’—


Practising numbers:

  • Try counting whilst jumping or clapping or when climbing the stairs.
  • Collect leaves/stones and ask your child "saul?" (how many?) and see if your child can count the items in Welsh and tell you how many there are altogether.


Practising colours:

  • "I am going to shout out a colour and see how long it takes you to collect 3 items from around the house which match that colour ...... un - dau - tri - glas!!!"
  • Design a simple "colour bingo" game ..... make 2 simple A4 paper playing boards with 6 colours on each board. Then make 12 squares (playing pieces) each with a colour on (to match the colours on the board). Put the playing pieces in a bag and you child has to pick out a colour and match it onto their board (whilst saying what the colour is in Welsh). (Note - you can also play this game with numbers).


Have fun!

27th April 2020

This week have a go at practising


Diolch                                           Thank you


Sut wyt ti?                                     How are you?

Dwi'n hapus                                  I'm happy

Dwi'n drist                                     I'm sad

Dwi'n wedi blino                            I'm tired


Also - I found this youtube video showing 2 ladies singing "Mi welais Jac y do" - which is a song that all the Nursery children have learnt. I'm sure they would love to watch it and show you that they can sing along.