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Time Travelers

Our Time Traveler Success - Word gets around very quickly in North Wales. Due to our success in defeating Boudicca, we were contacted by Gwynfor Roberts a CEO of the North Wales Archaeologist Society. His team had carried out a dig in Wepre park and found some unusual artifacts, with which he needed our help. He sent us a sample of one of the items (poo!). As professionals we ensured we had safety equipment and the company set to work dissecting the feces. Using clues from different eras we concluded the poo must be from the Medieval Times. Yuk!!

Rap Battle - We decided we would scare Boudicca with our rap poetry. Time to Battle!

Travelling in Time to the Celtic Era - Using the broach to aid our time travel, we went back in time to the Celtic era. We saw round houses, Celts hunting and children wearing unusual clothing. Wondering around the Celtic village, we suddenly over heard an extremely angry voice. It was Boudicca! She was furious, someone had taken her broach, she was preparing for battle to ensure she retrieved her item. This adventure just became very real. We needed to prepare for battle. We made stew and bread for energy, armour to protect our bodies, masks to scare her Icini Tribe. Boudicca wouldn't know what had hit her when 'Da Best Tribe' arrived.

CCTV Images - At the beginning of the Spring Term, our learners discovered we had intruders on our property. They looked extremely suspicious and we wanted to discover what they were looking for. All learners set to work, preparing interview questions to ask the intruders, what they were doing on our property? The intruder did'nt give anything away. However, as he left the interview room, a map and clues dropped out of his pockets.We followed the clues and found a mythical box and a mysterious broach and Celtic message. Once we had decoded the message, we discovered the broach allowed us to travel in time.