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The Romans

Last week, we were surprised to discover a mysterious box that had been dumped just outside the doors of our Museum. Apparently, a smelly man with a straw hat and long grass in his hair left it outside the door and quickly ran away.


After much discussion over what could be in the box, we were then faced with the ultimate question- Should we open the box or try to return it to its owner?






The decision was not unanimous. Here are some of the reasons for and against opening the box:




It was left for us to open

It could be unsafe

The contents could be precious

We might break the contents of the box

It could be lots of money

It is not ours to open

It could be for us to look after

The man would have said if he wanted us to open it



Eventually, we decided to have a peek inside the box. We were not disappointed. The dusty box was full of a variety of artefacts, but what are they?  

16.03.20 We researched each artefact found in the box. We found out what the item was called and how it was used by the Romans. We then measured each item and made a 'display box' to display the item at our Roman museum.

19.03.20. We used the 'ChatterPix' app to answer every day Welsh questions as a Roman soldier.

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