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The Celts

Dosbarth Padarn are always eager to take on new tasks and help people, so when Mr. Leaman asked if anyone knew anything about the people 'Caught' on CCTV over the holidays, they came up with lots of different ideas of who the people were and what they were doing on our school grounds.
After long discussion and deliberation Padarn felt they didn't have enough information to say who these people were and what they were doing at our school. They were more than happy to ask the head of the workers questions to find out more. Mrs Jessica Williams came into class and when questioned didn't give much information as she said the job was classified and on a need to know basis. She left behind a folder which Mr. Parry ran after her to return it but it was too late she had already gone ... We decided to have a look in the folder to see if there was a return address, inside the folder were maps of the school grounds with a clue ... we decided to try and find it ourselves.. whilst some of us went to investigate others created their own maps of the school.
The detectives have been hard at work following a series of clues which have given them a code.... last stop oh what is this that we have found ... a mysterious box .... we best not touch it just in case ... there is writing on the top, we take pictures then back to headquarters to unscramble the code!
The detectives bring their clues back to headquarters and get busy researching what the inscription and letters mean ... they discover the box is from Celtic times , the Iceni Tribe and we think it belongs to Boudicca (Buddug) great work team!
The box has been carefully removed and brought to the headquarters ... The detectives start to think about reasons for and against opening it ... there was a lot of discussion today, finally we vote on opening the box ... the verdict is that we are going to open it .... We need a brave volunteer to open the box... carefully it is cut open and the lid is lifted... whats this strange writing and a Celtic broach ... we start to crack the code... it reads ..... In order to travel near and far from and to past and afore. Clasp your hands in a spherical shape and the ability will become yours. Work carefully and with respect for the past cannot be altered and the future is at your feet.
The investigators decided that the message meant that we could become time travelers, we tried lots of different things top try and travel to the past, finally with a complete circle of interwoven arms pour feet began to tingle and we were transported to the Celtic era... We soon discovered that we were in a roundhouse and not just any round house it belonged to Boudicca - We posed as objects within the roundhouse and listened carefully. She was talking to a warrior .... she was not happy as she thought her broach had been stolen ... she is preparing for a battle... The time travelers need to prepare ... surprise  
The time travelers have been busy preparing for a battle ... they have been creating their own armor, masks, food for energy and roundhouses. 
The time travelers have been so busy making things ready for battle.... but then they over hear something ..... Boudicca is wanting a rap battle.. That's no problem for us lets get rhyming! laugh


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The time travelers raps were so scary and loud Boudicca has run away scared and left her broach behind! 

Great job time travelers!!