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The Mabinogion - Tales of  Myths and Legend

The children in Padarn have received a letter from Mr. Roberts asking for our help, he stated that we were so successful in defeating Bouddica and because of our previous experience with ancient artefacts. The Children were more than happy to email him back with an explanation of their relevant skills in order to help him, I wonder what he will need help with?? 
After receiving our emails, Mr Roberts emailed us back to say that he had room for all of us on his team and that he would be sending some artefacts over for us to date, We set up our new headquarters for the archaeological team and awaited further information. 

We were very shocked when we discovered that Mr. Roberts had sent us over some POO (play dough - with food stuffs added) we had to dig through it carefully gathering information from it in order to work out which age it had come from - We didn't think it was Roman poo because it didn't have any peas init. We didn't think it was viking poo because it had no cherry stones in it. We agreed that we thought the poo must have come from the medieval era as it had fish bones, lentils, grains and even some apple! 

We wrote up our findings in report form to send back to Mr. Roberts - let's hope that the next artefact isn't so smelly! 

Mr. Roberts was thrilled that we had been so efficient in aging the poo that the next day he sent us a rather strange looking book, we had to research very carefully to find out where the book was from and what age it was. After lots of research we discovered that the book 'Y Mabinogion' was a Welsh story book, but there were lots of pages missing, We decided that the book would look much better with some new Welsh folk tales so we set to work creating new stories to fill the pages.