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Spring Term Mantle - Inventive Victorians

W/C 29.1.20 - We learnt about William Morris who created block printed wallpaper during Victorian Times. We decided in our next Art lessons to create our own block print wallpaper.

W/C 23.01.20 - After our visit from Milly the Maid we became really curious about the different inventions that we made during the Victorian era. We decided to do our own research on different inventions that the Victorians had invented. We made poplets to show our research.

W/C 13.01.20 - We had a visit from a Victorian maid called Milly. She was very nervous coming into our class because she didn't work with children. We asked Milly the prepared questions we had written to find out information about the object. She was able to tell us it was a washing dolly that Victorians used to wash their clothes with. We informed Milly that we had washing machines now to wash our clothes.

W/C 06.01.20 - A mysterious object appeared in our room. We had all sorts of ideas what it could be but we had never seen anything like it. We decided to draw the object and write down what we thought it could be. A scarecrow stand? A chair? A po-go stick? A coat hanger?