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Scientists Help Father Christmas

Episode 1 Padarn have received an envelope with red material and a scroll saying "Help Us, Please Help Us!" The investigators set to work trying to work out where this message may have come from?? 
Episode 2 The investigators have found a letter ... it must have fallen out of the envelope... they read it carefully, its from From Father Christmas, he needs Padarns help to find a material to use for a new suit, his other one has started to rip because of all the mince pies, it doesn't keep him warm enough and it isn't waterproof, the investigators accept the task and decide to help find the best material. 

Episode 3 

Padarn have decided that they need a headquarters and have started to create a laboratory, called Lab Land, They have given themselves the name SSI (Super Speedy Investigators). 

The SSI have been very busy testing a variety of different materials to see which stretch well (elasticity), which ones will keep dry (waterproof) and which materials will keep things the warmest (insulation) after a series of tests the investigating teams had results to send from Lab Land to the elves ... lets hope the elves have enough time to make a new suit for Father Christmas! 

Well done SSI another successful day!