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Natural Disaster in Japan

Japanese Taster Session - Blossom Travel wanted to take the opportunity to promote their travel deals by networking with other travel agents and potential clients. To entice the customers in, they prepared a range of traditional dishes to share.

Trip to Bodnant Gardens and Eirias Park - We went to investigate the natural disaster which occured in Bodnant Gardens. The flash flood had impacted on the area which the Rugby Team would be celebrating on, therefore we needed to sort out the situation as soon as possible. We took notes and carried out market research to inform our planning. We then went on to Eirias Park to meet the RGC players, we carried out a question and answer session in Welsh and had a rugby training session using top class equipment and resources.

Earthquake Disaster! Berwyn pupils were the first on scene this morning. They assessed the situation after the major earthquake and are preparing to report back to the Japanese Government.

Assessment for Learning Detectives - Pupils are using our authorโ€™s pen method to peer assess a piece of extended writing.

Dosbarth Berwyn have been exploring all the different possibilities of a natural disaster in Japan. They are working collaboratively to create a report based on the dangers, impact and worst examples of the natural disaster.