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Mantle Ship Ahoy!

And so the story begins.... 

Dosbarth Padarn were sat on the docks when they noticed a fisherman looking rather confused!

When he came into the docks it turned out that he had found lots of dead fish in the water. The children agreed that it needed investigating and set up an environmental agency. 

The environmental agents invite the fisherman 'Alex' in to ask him some more questions about what he had seen. "In the distance there was a really big ship, I'm not sure what it's called" The agents set to work researching what the ship was called and why it's on the Dee Estuary. They discover it is The Duke of Lancaster and has been settled on the Estuary for several years. 

The environmental agents decide that there must be something in the water that is causing the fish to die. They decide the best way to investigate is to collect a sample of the Dee water in order to test it...... 

"But we might get hungry" They resolve that they will take some sandwiches with them just incase their tummy's start to rumble and set about writing some fantastic instructions. 

The agents set off on their expedition to the Dee with their sandwiches packed in their bags and their questionnaires ready to find out some more information from the local people. The had such a great time and managed to find out lots of information about the Dee Estuary. 

After collecting a sample of the River water the agents put on their lab coats and started a scientific investigation to determine what was polluting the River Dee. They researched the pH scale and found that the pH should have been 8.1 however it was testing at 5.7. They then tested a number of different liquids mixed with water to find which one would be most likely to be polluting the Dee. After a long investigation we found that the most likely liquid was petrol... We then had to work out where the petrol was coming from. One of the agents had an idea "What about that ship that Alex saw? It must leaking from that?" The agents set about writing about writing to the local council to try and get the ship moved. 

The agents received a letter back from the council who had used a drone to confirm that the petrol was leaking from the ship. They were in agreement that the ship should be removed, however they would need some evidence in order for the ship to be moved. The agents were granted a ten minute pass onto The Duke of Lancaster to gather evidence and see if it could possibly be repaired. They set about gathering ideas of what they would need to take with them. 

Whilst standing on the Deck the agents heard a noise they took a picture and were shocked that there was a huge birds nest on the top of the ship. But what type of birds were they? .... Time to do some research!

The agents got very busy researching what type of birds they were, 

Eagles ... No

Buzzards.... No 

Hen Harriers ... No 

Marsh Harriers ... No 

Ospreys ... YES they were Ospreys.

Now the agents have a bit of a dilemma, can they destroy the ship if there is Ospreys nesting on it? 

The Council were very pleased with the agents work and had been monitoring the CCTV cameras which the agents had installed whilst surveying the ship. They emailed the agents with further developments... Turns out that there is more than Ospreys using the ship as their home! 

The agents have scanned their QR codes to discover which animals have been sighted on the ship. They have then set about researching the animals in order to feedback their information to the council.