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Handwriting ✍️


The children regularly practise their handwriting skills. They begin their day by writing their name, and are currently learning to write their surnames. We use the following letter formation rhymes when we support them with writing their letters and sounds correctly:


(letter reversals are completely normal at this age 😊) 


Picture 1
Picture 2

The children practise their letter and number formation using cards and tracing paper, a red dot πŸ”΄ is used to show the children where each letter or number is started. You may wish to practise this with your child using the picture below as a guide. Or alternatively, you could use other methods such as overwriting, where the adult would write a letter / word and then the child would write over the top of it using a different coloured pen or pencil (they enjoy using highlighters) 


We also remind the children that some letters are small (a,c,m,e etc) whilst some letters are tall (h,k,l,b etc) and some letters have tails (g,j,q etc). 

Picture 1

Practicing pen/pencil grasp and writing CVC words


We have taken some pictures of children showing the correct pencil grasp, it would be fantastic if you could encourage your child to use the correct ‘pencil pinch’ when writing.


We have also been practicing writing words made up of three sounds (CVC - consonant, vowel, consonant) such as cat, dog, man etc.  It would be great if you could encourage your child to think of as many different words with three sounds to draw and write.....we would love to see how many your children can come up with in their homework books!


Here are some examples from class.....

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6