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11/3/19 - The meteorites were put on the investigation table with a magnifying glass and a set of scales. After a few days of independent exploration, we brought the investigation table items to the carpet to look at as a whole class. We assessed the meteorites in terms of colour, size and weight. We sorted them into those which were gold and those which were silver. We then counted them and worked out whether there were more gold than silver and vice versa. We selected both the biggest and the smallest meteorite and put them in size order. We used the scales to work out which meteorite was the heaviest. The children then engaged in "think,pair,share" and thought of words to describe the meteorites. We recorded all of our findings on a large piece of paper and one of the brave space explorers delivered it to Professor 6 arms.

5/3/20 - The space explorers were just beginning to prepare their rockets ready to leave for planet earth when a small yellow alien approached them. He invited them to visit Professor 6 arms in his special science laboratory. At first we weren't too sure about this invitation .. maybe we should just get off home?? But one brave space explorer wanted to know more. He walked through the passageway and towards the door. He knocked on the door and entered the laboratory. Professor 6 arms spoke to him and explained that his job is to collect small pools of liquid and meteorites from the planet (which had earlier been painted by the children for the story) to inspect and study them. He told us that he could do with some help in the laboratory and needed people who knew about space to help him to carry out his investigations. The space explorers took some meteorites back to earth with them and put them in our classroom investigation area. A "professor 6 arms laboratory" was set up outside.

28/02/20 - This week, we zoomed off to Planet Zum Zee to enjoy an alien tea party. We had 4 things on our plates: a cake, a biscuit, a piece of apple and a piece of tangerine. As we enjoyed our party tea we talked about which items on the plate were healthy and which were treats. Lots of children are now able to understand the importance of eating fruit to keep our bodies fit and healthy. 

13/02/20 .... what a week it’s been! Baby bear packed his rocket and off he went ... whoosh..... bound for Planet Zum Zee. He decided to stop for a little break on the moon to have a snack and a rest. However when he tried to blast off from the moon, his rocket would not take off! What a disaster! Baby bear inspected his rocket and found a hole in the bottom of it. As he sat and pondered his situation he realised he was stuck on the moon ( and he hadn’t packed his tools!!). There was only one thing for it .....he needed to call the Space Experts. Sure enough the call came in. We were needed and time was of the essence. The space explorers packed their rockets with all the things they would need ( they were careful to pack essential tools such as hammers screwdrivers and sellotape ... to mend the hole). The mission controller instructed the explorers to take their seats, put on their helmets and space boots, fasten their seatbelts ... and then 10,9,8 ......3,2,1 - they were off!! The journey was long and the space explorers sang songs to pass the time. Eventually they landed on the moon. The space explorers climbed down the steps and took their first steps on the moon. The weaker gravity caused the explorers to walk in a bouncy slow kind of manner. After a short time exploring we spotted baby bear, asleep behind his book. We approached him slowly so as not to startle him. One of the space explorers touched him gently on the shoulder. He was very pleased to see us! We fixed his rocket and baby bear thanked us. Just as we were about to leave we got a surprise invitation! Baby bear invited us to accompany him to Planet Zum Zee!

07/02/20 - This week, the children saw Baby Bear talking to Mummy Bear. Baby Bear had received an invitation to an alien party on Planet Zum Zee. Baby Bear was very excited because he knows that the Planet Zum Zee aliens love eating cakes, biscuits and pizza! Mummy Bear said that he could go on one condition: He must take some healthy food to show the aliens that healthy food can be just as tasty as unhealthy food. We moved out of the fiction to investigate the idea of healthy versus unhealthy food. The children sorted a basket of food into "healthy" and "unheatlhy" hoops. We discussed the fact that it is perfectly fine to eat the unhealthy treats as long as you don't have too much of them. We provided a follow on activity on the craft table. The children enjoyed sticking pictures of food into baskets and discussing whether they were healthy or unhealthy choices. We also talked about this at snack time, particulary in terms of the benefits of eating fruit. Next week Baby Bear is off in his rocket to Planet Zum Zee - surely nothing can go wrong??? Or can it???

01/02/20 .....In order to ensure that the children have the vocabulary and understanding they need to engage with the mantle story, we have continued to explore and enjoy “Whatever Next”. A story map was created to support the retelling process and the story props were available to encourage their independent exploration. A variety of non fiction texts were also available in the book nook. Equipped with all of this prior knowledge the mantle adventure could begin! When I looked through my magic window, I saw a team of space experts. They were exploring a strange and unfamiliar planet. Some were picking up space treasures and some spotted friendly little aliens, peeking nervously out from behind space rocks! We used rolls of paper to represent this mini mission. We decided that we would need to create some aliens for our story so 2D shapes and sticky eyes were available in the drawing area. The children loved counting out the number of eyes they needed and choosing their shape and colour.

20/01/20 - Welcome to 2020! Our general focus areas for this term are maths (shape), language and literacy (role play), Welsh (language patterns and incidental Welsh), science inquiry and investigations, digital competency (particularly using a desktop computer and mouse) and independence in personal care. Numeracy is also a daily thread and we are focusing in more detail on each number to 10, looking at formation as well as investigating "1 more than" and "1 less than". Our Mantle this half term will centre around space travel using the fabulous story "Whatever Next" as a basis to work from. We are currently laying the foundations for our Mantle story. We have been reading a set of key texts which will provide children with a framework upon which to build. We are gathering the children's ideas, extrapolating what they already know and outlining key areas of interest in order to create and build a Mantle which is responsive and relevant to their learning needs. This information is being recorded on our class listening wall. Today we read "Whatever Next" using a story-sack approach to bring the story to life and spark their interest.

17/12/19 - The children have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities over the past couple of weeks. We have made snowmen in the playdough, we've made Christmas pictures and practised our writing and scissor skills. We have made cards and decorations and enjoyed a variety of Christmas games promoting both language and maths.We've also enjoyed learning about the real meaning of Christmas and using the small world area to retell the Christmas story. Santa's workshop has been such fun, wrapping presents and role-playing! Not to mention rehearsing and performing some wonderful Christmas songs for our parents and carers! Our party day today was fabulous, with a variety of traditional games (the snowman game, pass the parcel, musical chairs, making party hats and pin the ears on the Elf). What an exciting time we've had! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to see you all again in the New Year!

29/11/19 - What a week ! Imagine our surprise on Monday morning when we arrived at school to find the tiger in Sophie's kitchen. That very same day, we noticed a poster up in the window telling us that a tiger had escaped from Chester Zoo. We thought it was best to ask the tiger to tell us his story. Mrs Morgan touched the tiger's paw and the tiger talked to us. The tiger told us that he had escaped from Chester Zoo for 3 reasons. 1/ The zoo didn't feed him any tiger food 2/He felt lonely because he was the only tiger in the zoo 3/His enclosure isn't big enough and he doesn't have enough room to run around. We felt we needed to think about this problem so we sent an email to Miss Kilpatrick asking for her permission to keep the tiger in school whilst we made a plan. Miss Kilpatrick agreed and we had a lovely time role-playing with the tiger in Sophie's kitchen. We held a think-pair-share session and decided we needed to speak to the zoo keeper. Mrs Mogan rang the zoo keeper and invited him to come in for a meeting. The next day, the zoo keeper arrived and the children told him what the problems were. The zoo keeper has promised to fix each of the three problems and thanked the children for all their help. The children felt that Trevor the tiger could now go back to the zoo and be happy. What a super end to our Mantle story.

22/11/19 - When Sophie got up on Monday morning, she found tiger paw prints, an empty cereal packet and an empty milk carton. Who do you think had been?? The children were sure it was the tiger - all the evidence was there! How could the Tiger Team tempt him back? Sophie suggested that we could make lots and lots of tiger food to tempt him! She left us a recipe card so that we could help her. What a busy week we've had ... and on Friday we left the bucket of tiger food outside Sophie's kitchen ... will we finally get to meet the tiger next week??

15/11/19 - One of the highlights this week was when we got to see Sophie talking to her Mummy (Mrs Morgan and Mrs French in role). We discovered that Sophie was very worried about where the tiger had gone. She had left out a big tin of tiger food in the hope that this would tempt him back, but he still hasn't been back. Sophie wants to track him down as she wants to make sure he's safe. She needs a team of people who know and care about animals to help her. Well - look no further Sophie - the Tiger Team are here to help! First job, create some posters to put in the window !

8/11/19 This week we have read and enjoyed "The Tiger who came to tea". We were surprised that the tiger didn't come back to Sophie's house and we wondered where he might have gone. We thought we should keep a look out for the tiger. We thought about what tigers look like. We know that they have stripes and gleaming eyes. We represented the stripes and the gleaming eyes on large scale paper (this helped us practise drawing circles and long lines).

24/10/19 Since the beginning of term, we have been enjoying "We are going on a bear hunt". We have been thinking and wondering about how the bear feels at the end of the story as he pads off into the moonlight. We have been wondering whether he is happy or sad. We agreed that it is difficult to know when we can't see his face. The children worked in pairs to make faces at each other showing different expressions. Then we thought again about the bear and we felt compelled to go and find him. We took the same path as the children in the book (Swishy, swashy - through the grass - Splash Splosh - through the river ...) It was a very exciting and interactive walk and eventually we spotted the bear sitting in a clearing. We could see that he looked sad. We asked him to tell us how he was feeling. He told us a rather sad story. His house had been blown away in a storm and he is looking for a new place to live. Every time he spots people walking in the woods, he tries to follow them, hoping that they will help him, but people usually just run away because people are often scared of bears! The bear told us that he needs someone to care for him and possibly to help him to build a new home. The children were delighted to be of help and the began building "cave like" dens in a specially designed small world area. The bear definitely looks happy for now!! The children are once again showing us that they are expert "Bear Carers".

18/10/19 - So much going on this week! We made porridge as well as chairs and beds for baby bear. Then today, for the first time, baby bear spoke to us. He thanked the children for helping him and said he was now very happy. However, he would like us to remember that when making the porridge, baby bear only has two spoonfuls of honey, Mummy bear has three spoonfuls and Daddy bear has 4 spoonfuls.Lots of counting is now going to be needed in the 3 bear's cottage! Let's see if the children are up for the challenge!!

11/10/19 - We read the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We thought about why baby bear was sad. We considered ways to make him happy. The children came up with lots of ideas such as making baby bear some more porridge, fixing the chair and making him a new bed. Next week the children will have the opportunity to put their ideas into action.

Hello! I'm Mrs Morgan. Welcome to our happy school. I am enjoying meeting all the new Nursery children who are settling into their new routines very nicely!