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Tuesday 11th January - Happy New Year \ Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! - This half term we are enjoying a number of different scientific explorations. Ice melting experiments, non Newtonian fluid investigations and colour mixing fun are some of our current endeavours! We are developing the children’s curiosity as well as supporting them to make observations and predictions, not to mention learning lots of new vocabulary.

Monday 13th December - we have been enjoying so many Christmas themed learning activities! The pictures below show children enjoying playdough challenges (building a snowman and putting the right number of baubles on the tree), designing and creating Father Christmas' house and a Christmas matching game with Welsh words.

Monday 6th December - The next visit to Storyrhyme land was quite a surprise as we were met with a completely different landscape. Lots of snow and ice. We imagined that the snow was rainbow coloured and that Elf hats and stars were also falling from the sky. We represented this scene through a whole class mark-making activity. As the problem solvers stood, listening and watching, they spotted a little figure coming over the hill. The figure was an Elf. The Elf was holding a tissue. He had a bad cold and cough and he told us that lots of Father Christmas' elves are also poorly. What a problem - who is going to help Father Christmas wrap all of the presents in time for Christmas??? I wonder who????

Monday 29th November - Today we knocked on door number 2. Little Bo Peep answered! She is in such a muddle with her farm. The sheep keep jumping over the fences and escaping. The cows are getting muddled up with the pigs and the horses are running wild. Luckily we were able to help Little Bo Peep to build fences and sort the animals out into separate fields. We even put numbers into each field to show how many animals live there. We are doing such a good job helping Little Bo Peep minimise the likelihood of losing her animals!

Tuesday 23rd November - We laid out the children's representation of Storyrhyme Land (with the River Dee running through the middle). We knocked 4 times on the door of Mary Mary Quite Contrary. She needed our help. A naughty rabbit has been eating her flowers and she needed our help. The children decided we should plant more flowers for Mary and make a nice hutch for the rabbit ( who we discovered is lost and only eating the flowers because he is hungry). The children also wanted to feed the hungry rabbit - so we made some carrots out of orange paper. This storyline is going to pave the way for the real-life planting of bulbs and wild flower seeds later this week.

Tuesday 16th November - we received a letter from Twinkle! We knocked on the gate 3 times, sang the special Twinkle song and lo and behold, the gates to Storyrhyme land opened. We looked through our story eyes and saw green hills, a blue river and lots of beautiful flowers. We created the hills and the rivers as a class, moving our pens, up and down and over …. We worked in the provision areas to create beautiful flowers.

11/11/21 - We remembered.

Wednesday 10th November. The children spotted a sign for “Storyrhyme land” … the children noticed pictures of some of their Nursery rhyme and story characters on the sign and we decided that they must live there. We then met a little piggy who was crying. We wondered why he was sad. One of the children asked “ why are you sad?” We discovered that he was lost and trying to ind his way back to Storyrhyme land. We wanted to help him so we agreed to walk with him. It was starting to go dark so we needed to use our torches. Eventually we arrived at the gates of Storyrhyme land. By this time it was completely dark .. we could hear owl noises … the only light was a single shining star. As we looked up at the star, it slowly floated down to the ground. The star said she was glad we had come because lots of her friends in Storyrhyme land were in a bit of a muddle. The star knew that we were just the right people to be able to lend a helping hand.

Tuesday 9th November - a little snapshot of what we’ve been up to in the provision areas so far this week! So much fabulous learning going on.

Wednesday 3rd November - This week we are exploring the story of the 3 Little Pigs. The children enjoyed making the brick house in the construction area and re-telling the story using the props.

Tuesday 19th October - we enjoyed musical mark- making today .... we sang Ba ba black sheep whilst drawing “curly wurly wool”, followed by “Hickory Dickory Dock” whilst drawing up and down lines to represent the movement of the mouse up and down the clock. Fantastic focus and concentration! This kind of activity is a pre-writing task, helping children to follow pattern and movement using firstly their bodies and then subsequently a pencil/pen.

Wednesday 13th October - we have enjoyed throwing the dice and counting the spots to decide how many blocks to add to Humpty Dumpty’s wall. We enjoyed trying to make him balance on the wall and then knocking him off ( whilst reciting the Nursery Rhyme ). We explored sequencing cards too!

Tuesday 12th October - we have been talking about keeping safe and learning to wash our hands properly.

Wednesday 6th October - this week we have been enjoying the story of the 3 bears, which has complimented our focus on the number 3.

Tuesday 21st September : We've had a very busy first few weeks. There has been lots of observing and assessing going on in order to gain a baseline and a starting point to work from. Last week we started looking at numbers. We focus on a number each week. Last week was "0" and this week is "1". We use Ten Town as a fun way to engage the children. Each number has its own character. I'm sure the children will come home singing the songs and telling you all about the characters' adventures. We are also working on a variety of basic maths skills such as counting, sorting and creating patterns. Our language work is based around Nursery Rhymes. Our favourites so far if you want to practice at home are: Humpty Dumpty, Miss Molly had a Dolly, Incy Wincy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, Polly put the Kettle on, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Bo Peep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Nursery Rhymes are the starting point for our youngest learners to develop language and storytelling skills. Watch this space for more news on how I am going to use these Nursery Rhymes to create a ficticious Nursery Rhyme Village where the characters will come to life and need the children's help to solve some problems. Incidental Welsh will also become a large part of your child's day. The children hear me using Welsh all of the time, and they are already joining in, learning Welsh songs, saying some key words in Welsh ("diolch"- thank you and "yma" - I'm here). We enjoy using Fflic a Fflac, our Welsh puppets to help us learn some basic language patterns. This week we have been learning "Pwy wyt ti?" (who are you?") and the children have been having a go at responding accordingly. I am so proud of how they have settled into Nursery life. Once everybody has completed their School Gateway permission forms I will be able to post pictures of your children here. Keep watching this page for more information as to what we are up to.

Friday 10th September 2021

A very warm welcome to all of our new children and parents.

The first few weeks are all about settling in! Please keep your eye on your email for lots of "housekeeping" messages to ensure that we have a nice smooth start to the year. 

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Mrs Morgan