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Tuesday 21st September : We've had a very busy first few weeks. There has been lots of observing and assessing going on in order to gain a baseline and a starting point to work from. Last week we started looking at numbers. We focus on a number each week. Last week was "0" and this week is "1". We use Ten Town as a fun way to engage the children. Each number has its own character. I'm sure the children will come home singing the songs and telling you all about the characters' adventures. We are also working on a variety of basic maths skills such as counting, sorting and creating patterns. Our language work is based around Nursery Rhymes. Our favourites so far if you want to practice at home are: Humpty Dumpty, Miss Molly had a Dolly, Incy Wincy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, Polly put the Kettle on, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Bo Peep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Nursery Rhymes are the starting point for our youngest learners to develop language and storytelling skills. Watch this space for more news on how I am going to use these Nursery Rhymes to create a ficticious Nursery Rhyme Village where the characters will come to life and need the children's help to solve some problems. Incidental Welsh will also become a large part of your child's day. The children hear me using Welsh all of the time, and they are already joining in, learning Welsh songs, saying some key words in Welsh ("diolch"- thank you and "yma" - I'm here). We enjoy using Fflic a Fflac, our Welsh puppets to help us learn some basic language patterns. This week we have been learning "Pwy wyt ti?" (who are you?") and the children have been having a go at responding accordingly. I am so proud of how they have settled into Nursery life. Once everybody has completed their School Gateway permission forms I will be able to post pictures of your children here. Keep watching this page for more information as to what we are up to.

Friday 10th September 2021

A very warm welcome to all of our new children and parents.

The first few weeks are all about settling in! Please keep your eye on your email for lots of "housekeeping" messages to ensure that we have a nice smooth start to the year. 

This page will be used to showcase the children's learning and will give parents and carers an insight into the kinds of things your children are doing. Please also keep an eye on Twitter (@caernant) as photos will also pop up on there too. 

Your email account will be used for formal communications relating to any aspect of school

Your Seesaw account will be used for class-related informal communications, home-learning and reminders. Seesaw can also be used as a private communication channel.

School Gateway is where you pay your half-termly snack money and complete school permission forms.

If you have any queries or worries, drop me a message over Seesaw and I will do my best to help and support.

Kind Regards

Mrs Morgan