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Dosbarth Oren

W/C 09/03/20 - Another exciting week in Dosbarth Oren! Whilst we were outside in the Byd Dysgu we decided to make our own Victorian school and then role played what the teacher would be like and what the students would have to do. We had some fun creating spring time craft. We independently followed instructions step by step and created our own 3-D flower pictures. When we have a spare 5 minutes in our busy schedule we try and go outside for some fresh air and complete the Green Mile. We worked very hard in our Maths lessons this week and have been enjoying completing Daily 10 during our Mental Maths sessions. We completed a tally chart of asking children in our class what their favourite colour is in Welsh then made pictograms with the results collected. Our mantle continues with us helping Mari Jones as she is going to school for the first time and we have started to make booklets for her and her friends to get prepared before going.

W/C 02.03.20 - We had a very busy fun week! we started off with celebrating St David's day with a St David's day service singing Welsh songs and listening to the story of St David. We made our very own moving dragons for the service and held them with pride whilst we sang the songs. In PE this term we have been practising throwing and catching. We played a game with our partners where we had to make successful passes to each other before we could move to the next level (hoop). We have been enjoying our new role play area which is a Victorian School. We have been acting as the teacher and students in a Victorian school - this has been really fun. In Maths this week we have been focusing on money and making different amounts using the same coins. We had to use our problem solving skills to work out which of the same coins needed to be use depending on how many boxes we had. We had also been using cuisenaire to see how we could make 5p using other coins such as 2p + 2p + 1p = 5p. We have had more fun learning about Victorians during Mantle - see our Mantle page to see what we have been up to.