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St David's Day Celebration

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Croeso i Dosbarth Oren,


I would like to say a big hello to you all and to welcome you into our class. On here I will be posting most weeks with updates on how busy we have been. We have had a great first week back and it was so lovely to see big smiles coming in everyday. We have all made new friends and have been exploring our new classroom. We hope you enjoy the photos of all our hard work and the fun we have been up to!




Miss Gallagher

W/C 22.02.21 - We have had such a fun week back. We have all missed each other very much. We have been looking at fractions and finding half in Maths. We have written about our time at home and the different news we liked to share with our friends. To celebrate St David's day on Monday we made pin wheel daffodils and tested them outside to see if we could make them spin.

W/C 07.12.20 - We tested out our rafts to make sure they would be suitable to help Chloe get across the river for our Mantle. We all successfully made rafts that would work perfectly for Chloe. Another week of fun Christmas craft - we made reindeer's. In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and how we can make equal groups.

W/C 30.11.20 - We had a great fun this week with going on a christmas simile hunt outside. We had to find the correct number cards and finish off the sentence with a simile. We then had to work out the secret word using all the letters we found on the hunt. We did a super job of independently making our craft snowmen and they looked amazing! In PE we worked on our dribbling skills in football. We also followed our designs and built our rafts out of recycled materials.

W/C 23.11.20 - Another busy week for Dosbarth Oren! We have been learning about money and how to pay for items and working out change. We have also been looking at similes to help improve our story writing, we have come up with some great similes. Christmas craft has begun, working on our fine motor skills by threading wool to create Christmas trees. We also made some penguins. Continuing on with our mantle, we designed rafts that we think would help Chloe get across the river in our village. We labelled the materials we would need to make them on the designs and made sure we selected materials that would float.

W/C 09.11.20 - Mantle this week we met 'Chloe' who lived in our village. She had a problem that she needed some help with. She needed to take some food to Mrs Edwards who was ill at home. However, the bridge to cross the river was broken and she was unable to get to Mrs Edwards'. We had a discussion as a class what solutions we could think of to help Chloe get across the river. We decided it may be a good idea to cross the river by a boat/raft or to ask people to help build a new bridge. We made some bridges in the construction area to show the model we think would work really well. We also started to look at story writing and writing our own narrative about our village. We worked as a group writing our group stories which included a problem similar to what Chloe had about the bridge being broken in the Village. We then decided on our own characters and the problem and solution for our own stories. We have some great ideas and can't wait to write our stories. We learnt about the different seasons and learnt the names for them in Welsh. As part of our Arts and Crafts lesson we made seasonal pictures to represent each season. On the day we came in our own clothes to help raise money for Children in Need we did a Pudsey hunt outside and had to find all the numbers which had letters attached to them. Once we found all the letters we had to find out what the word said. We had a great afternoon doing this.

W/C 2.11.20 - This week for our mantle we have drawn out our village outside using chalk. We decided as a class what things we would need in the village and mapped out what the village would look like. We made some firework pictures using chalk - we really enjoyed doing this. We also looked at how to be safe on bonfire night and made posters to make others aware of the safety rules. We have been looking at adjectives and how we can describe different scenery pictures using adjectives. As part of our 'Sialens Enfys' this week one of the challenges was to partition a number and represent it using cuisenaire. We also had to build one of the houses that would be in our village in the construction area. We have been practising independently to write another diary entry for Sophie.

W/C 19.10.20 - For our mantle this week we decided to create our own village where people who live there do 'good deeds' for each other. The village does not have anything in it at the moment apart from a river and mountains surrounding. As a class we wrote down different things that we needed in our village. We had great fun learning about adjectives in Language this week. We went outside and took pictures of different objects and made chatter pix's of them describing themselves as the object. To celebrate harvest we made our own paper pumpkins. We did an amazing job at following instructions on how to make the pumpkins and continued to practise our cutting skills. In PE this week we completed our final week on catching and throwing. We had so much fun playing a treasure game working in teams.

W/C 12.10.20 - This week in our Mantle we welcomed Sophie into our class. She loved all of our posters we had made her and she found it really helpful seeing information about Dosbarth Oren and our class rules. We asked Sophie the questions we had prepared to find out more about her. We thought about how Sophie might have felt coming into our class for the first time and how her first day went. We wrote diary entries in groups from the perspective of Sophie. Also this week we have been very busy in Maths practising number bonds to 10, finding out how many ways we can make a number and finding a part. We had so much fun making autumn wreaths and working on our cutting skills.

W/C 05.10.20 - This week as part of our mantle 'One good deed', we have been told there is a new child 'Sophie' joining our class. We have decided it would be nice to make Sophie welcome posters and banners. That she would like to know each of our names, so we have made labels. We also needed to tell Sophie some information about our class and our class rules. We are really exciting for Sophie joining our class next week!

W/C 28.09.20 - We have had a great week working hard. During Maths we have been looking at addition and greater than and less than using the correct symbols. We have also been looking at partitioning 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. In Literacy and Language, we have been looking at comprehension and concentrating on practising our capital letters. We had some fun creating our own autumn hedgehogs and did a great job independently cutting and sticking to create them. In PE we carried on with catching and throwing and continue to work on target practise. For our Mantle this term, we have been looking at the book 'One good deed' by Terri Fields. We talked about what good/nice things we did for our friends, family and neighbours during our time at home.

W/C 14.09.20 - We have had our first full week back in school. We have been very busy working on our letter and number formation, place value, reading and having fun in PE. We have started our 'Sialens Enfys' in our challenge time where we collect a lollipop stick every time we complete a challenge. We need to collect all 5 lollipop sticks to complete our rainbow. We also had fun practising throwing and catching in PE.

Our first week - W/C 07/09/20