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Tuesday 22nd September


We have been very busy over the last week settling the children into school life. The first 6 weeks is all about getting to know the children, learning about their interests and beginning to make some assessments so that we have a starting point for planning their learning. 


As you are not able to see into the classroom, I thought it would be nice to take some photographs of some of the areas in which your children are learning.


The Construction Area:

Children enjoy building and constructing models here. Amongst other things, we support their understanding of shape, balance and height. We enjoy making homes for the animals, which promotes storytelling. Children learn to share with their friends and collaborate on joint endeavours.


The Painting Area 

Lots of mark-making goes on here. Children explore colour and texture and are free to develop their own creations. Often the value is weighted towards the process as opposed to the product. Many children love exploring the sensory aspect of paint. They are becoming independent in terms of pulling their sleeves up and putting on their own aprons. Aprons are compulsory when painting, however, you may still notice the odd spot of paint on their clothing. This just shows that they have had fun!


The Puzzle Table 

The items on this table change depending on my focus for that week. In the early days, children often enjoy simple shape and picture puzzles. There is always a focus on number, with either a number puzzle, small counting toys or a simple number challenge. We may also offer the children table-top activities such as threading (to develop their fine motor skills) or small bricks for building towers. The possibilities are endless, and this is one of our most popular areas for many children. 


Tuesday 15th September:


Hello and a big welcome to all of our new Nursery families. 


I hope you enjoy reading our class pages. This is where you can keep up to date with what's going on in your child's class. 


This week has been all about settling in. We are busy getting to know your children and ensuring that they are all happy and settled. Part of this process is establishing routines and expectations. 


There are still a few children who haven't yet joined us and we are looking forward to meeting them next week. The children who have already started have amazed us, showing confidence and resilience as they have left their parents at the gate. I am sure you are very proud! However, we need all parents to know that we are also empathising with you! We know it is an emotional experience letting go of your child's hand. Please be reassured that they are in safe hands. 


Here is a little poem over which to ponder:


First Day of School


For many years you've held their hand

And been their loving guide

But now you know the time has come

To leave them by my side


It's only for a little while

Your child will learn and grow

And at the end of everyday

They'll tell you all they know


So as you walk away from them

Don't worry anymore

I'll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at the door


I'll nurture, care and educate

As if each one were mine

So trust our happy, caring school

They'll really be just fine