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Dosbarth Celyn

The Environmental Agents have discovered the pH levels of the Dee Estuary are not as they should be. The level of water is 5.5 pH due to a leak in the water making it more acidic. They have investigated the leak and found out it is an oil leak from the ship. The agents are furious and want the ship removed move the water immediately. However, whilst on their visit they discover some unknown creatures.

Class Celyn went on a trip down to the Connahโ€™s Quay docks to investigate any suspicious findings. We took a sample of the water and asked the local fisher people and cafe workers what they could share about the Dee river.

We created a database of information. The database was a collection of creatures found around the banks of the Dee Estuary and in the Dee river.

Pupil Voice is vital in planning our Mantle projects. Class Celyn have been busy exploring ideas and collaborating to plan their drama stories.

Welcome parents and pupils from Dosbarth Celyn.

We are looking forward to the exciting year ahead, I am sure we will have lots of fun together. 
We will be starting our new Mantle project next week, so keep an eye out for pictures of our learning.

Our PE day is on Monday. 

Thank you all,

Mrs Lewis