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Dosbarth Berwyn

Welsh Water Visit


Welsh Water visited us in Dosbarth Berwyn. The children made a 'town' using water containers and the 'waterpipes' using tubes. They set them up following the map. They then filled a container full of water and watched the water move along the pipes. There was also lots of Numeracy involved as the children needed to work out costs to supply the town with water. A fantastic practical lesson that had the children engaged throughout. 

Scottish Power Workshop


The children enjoyed two sessions of the enlightened 'Scottish Power Workshop' where they explored all things 'STEAM' (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). They had great fun and found it hilarious laugh singing the warm up song 'My Name is Joe...', they did their own research and performed what they had learnt for the rest of the class. The lessons reminded the children that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

Negative Numbers



                                                                                                                                                                          The children played a game to help them learn how to add and subtract negative numbers. We played this game as our 'Cold Task' (before we started any of our learning). We have been learning how to move up and down the number line when adding and subtracting and that two of the same symbols (++ and --) mean we add + and two different symbols (-+ and +-) mean we subtract -. We have been using this game in our 'Independent Challenge Area' this week and the children are becoming much more confident working with negative numbers.


Here is a video to show you how to play the game-

Dragon Sports Visit



The children had so much fun playing a carousel of sports activities. They developed their own activities further by considering STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People) and implemented these to make the games more challenging. 



Logo Making and Setting up our Headquarters


The children created a logo for our Mantle team, 'The Dee Estuary Maritime Protection Company'. They had fantastic ideas and thoroughly enjoyed making them. 






The children then discussed what types of things a company like this would have on the walls of their building. Once we had decided, the children were off!  










Creating the Dee Estuary seabed


Our Mantle so far...a local fisherman has attended a meeting with the 'Environment Agency' after taking some concerning pictures of large amounts of dead fish floating on the water of the Dee Estuary.


Here, we enjoyed creating the Dee Estuary seabed.  In role as 'The Dee Estuary Maritime Protection Company' we will be going on a deep sea dive to investigate further. Our next question to consider is 'Why are the fish dying?'. We will be discussing our findings from our dive as a team, whether this looked like a normal, healthy seabed and sharing our ideas to get to the bottom of this mystery. 

Exploring 'Conflict' and creating 'Conflict Resolution Guides'

Starting our new Mantle. We can't wait to find out more... 🤩