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Carl Warner Foodscape - Art Project🍭🍬🍫

March 20.


Our Masterpiece is now complete! The children are thrilled with their creation ✨🥰

Feb.20 - As part of our current ‘Food’ topic, the children have been exploring the work of Carl Warner.  Carl Warner is an artist and photographer who creates landscapes using an assortment of foods, these are commonly known as ‘Foodscapes.’ 


The children decided that they would like to recreate the iconic Candy Land (funnily enough, they weren’t too keen on the foodscapes using only vegetables 😆) 


Our wonderful parents have supported us with this project by providing their children with hoards of sweets to use.  The children were keen to get to work with their masterpiece!


The children initially drew images of Candy Land, developing their understanding of the need to plan the image first and then add in the detail.  This was followed by a sorting activity where the children worked together to sort the sweet treats into different groups - a fabulous introduction to Venn Diagrams 👍


The children are now beginning to create their Foodscape . . . More to follow 😊