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All members of our Pupil Parliament were present.


Mrs T. Owens (School Cook) joined us to talk about dinners.

- Amelia told Mrs Owens that her class wanted her to ask;  was possible for them to have a packet of crisps or a small bar of chocolate if they chose a sandwich option at dinner time please?

           Mrs Owens - Unfortunately Newydd (the catering company she works for) won't let her order snacks

           like that unless it is a theme day.  Mrs Owens proposed that she could either include extra fruit, such

           as grapes and or a yoghurt as an extra.

- The pupils thanked her and agreed to find out which one the children in KS2 would prefer, they would let her know next week.

- Betsi asked if Foundation phase pupils could have a sandwich option too please?

           NK said that there would have to be a lot of thought put into it, because the concern was that the hot

           meal at dinner time is sometimes the only hot meal that some children will have during the day.


- We spoke about the trim trail timetable, Tommy and Amelia will meet with Miss R Davies tomorrow (7/5/2021) to try to come up with a plan.

- Ella and Bailey will come up with a hoody message for pupils and parents.

- Darcy, Seren and Cameron will talk to their classes to decide upon a craft competition.


- All members of the Pupil Parliament have been asked to remind their classes about keeping COVID safe, in particular social distancing when walking into school.