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3rd December 2020

  • First meeting of the pupil parliament for this academic year, Miss Kilpatrick introduced the meeting and encouraged the children to introduce themselves and why they wanted to be part of school parliament
  • Mrs R then encouraged children to think about feedback they had from being back in school in these rather unusual times and we talked about positives before thinking about our next steps.


  • It was felt that children feel safe in school and because they were in a class bubble, they didn’t feel isolated and was nice to be with their friends.
  • TT rockstars and IDL was a positive and the children enjoyed doing these in school and at home.
  • Liked having their own playground because they preferred the smaller place to play and it was better when they weren’t mixing with the other age groups.
  • They all felt challenged in their learning
  • Liked having the one-way system going outside.
  • Feel safe because they were always washing their hands and sanitising

What we could do better?

  • Have both entrances open for morning and afternoon.  It was explained that this wasn’t possible in the current climate due to staffing levels
  • Too much litter around the school, not on school premises
  • Time capsule to explain to future generations what it was like to be in school
  • Would like more focus on handwriting as some children find it very hard

Time to talk with their friends in other classes through