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During this weeks meeting we discussed how to improve attendance.  All children had some ideas from their class discussions, these were;

  • Golden time if in all week
  • Write the word late and put their name underneath each letter every time they are late and this would then lead to them missing some break time if they filled all the letters - At these point NK asked the parliament to think about whether this would encourage or discourage children, if they thought they were going to miss a break time.
  • School posters to advertise good attendance with some rewards
  • Class rewards rather than individual reports for good attendance.

KR and NK explained that these ideas would now be discussed as part of the next senior management meeting.


~Charities meeting to be set up by NK and KR to look at best ways forward to support the charities the children have selected


Betsi discussed how her class had noticed that there are no bins outside and that it would be nice if we could have more bins on the playground to prevent litter.  NK and KR suggested that it would be a great idea for year1/2 learners to discuss with their classes, some ideas on how to improve the tidiness of our school.  NK explained that she thinks buying a dust pan and brush for each class was one of her ideas, could they think of some better ones.  Year 1/2 to feed back to next parliament meeting.


NK asked KS2 about the trim trail and whether this was up and running, Tommy and Amelia suggested this wasn't the case as they hadn't completed the rules yet.  These rules are going to be emailed to KR by Monday pm to allow for them to begin using the trim trail as soon as it is possible. 


It was commented by Tommy on what a positive impact the school leavers concert was having on some of the learners as they appeared to be more confident and enjoying the auditions.  It was also mentioned about the wearing of hats in class and we agreed that this shouldn't be allowed and Ella and Bailey will add this to their list of hoodie wearing rules, which is to be emailed to KR by Monday pm.


It was agreed that Yr 3 and 4 would be the leaders on the Welsh emblem clothing, craft competition and that they would create posters in their classes to bring to the next parliament meeting to be copied and shared through school comms and the school website.


NK also asked the school parliament to go back to their classes and discuss some ideas they may have around organising a sports' day in school.  We wouldn't be able to invite parents and the class pods wouldn't be able to mix, this will be discussed in next week's meeting.


Year 4/5 discussed the rules for hoodie wearing in school, these being

  • keep your hood down in class
  • never pull on someone's hood
  • keep  the strings tucked in
  • don't pull on the strings

We then discussed how we could make these rules positive ones instead of negative.  Ella and Bailey to re-write for next week


Steps to take for next week's meeting


  • year 3 and 4 to create posters for our craft competition
  • Year 5 and 6 to share rules for trim trail with Mrs Roberts 
  • Year 4 and 5 to share positive hoodie rules with Mrs Roberts