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NK discussed with children the charities decided by each of the classes have been divided into two groups, these being animals and other charities.  Each charity was then placed into its respective 'hat' and drawn out.  The successful charities were Lymphoma Action and Chester Zoo.  It was agreed that two just giving pages would be set up for these charities and that each pupil/parent could decide which charity they would most like to support.  The date of the own clothes day was decided on July 2nd as this was how the parliament wanted the money to be raised.



Year 4/5 brought their revised rules to the meeting and these were agreed by the school parliament as

  • Please try not to pull on someone else's hood
  • Keep your hoods down in class at all times
  • Make sure your strings are tucked in
  • Please try not to pull on strings if they are tucked in

KR agreed to share these rules with all of the teaching staff too to make sure they were followed effectively.


Craft competition

It was discussed by the school parliament about what prizes they had thought of for our craft competition.  One idea was a rugby ball and we all thought that this was a great idea and really nice that it kept with our Welsh theme, along with trophies and tops.  NK suggested that she would look for some other prizes too and share the ideas with the school parliament in the next meeting.  It was agreed by all that we should have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  

It was also discussed whether the competition should be school or home based, KR and NK discussed all the exciting things which we were going to do before the end of term and the parliament agreed that this would be better completed at home and a voluntary competition.  Ella did share concerns about cheating if completed at home so it was agreed that a panel would be agreed to make sure the prizes were fair and that consideration was taken about whether the work was completed by the child.

It was also thought to be a good idea to have the competition deadline on the same day as the non-school uniform day, so this will be July 2nd 2021.

Year 3/4 will complete posters with all the information on to allow this to be shared with all learners via Google Classroom and Seesaw.


Outside area

All the children within the parliament were able to say that their classes have had their new dustpans and brushes.  We discussed about the tidiness of the outside area and how this still needs some work.  The parliament felt it would be a really good idea to have a rota where all the children could take it in turns to use the new litter pickers and bin holders to keep our school tidy.  A rota will be shared with staff.


Tommy also shared how the new trim trail time table was working, it was working well but apparently some of the children are not following the rules in staying in the right area.  The parliament felt it would be good if they all went back to class and reminded them of the expectations on keeping to the rules when using the trim trail.


Sports day

NK asked children to share their ideas for us being able to have a sports day under the current Covid restrictions.  Ella shared with the parliament that all equipment needed to be left for 3 days between being used by different groups.  In light of this, the parliament came up with the following ideas;

  • 2 classes on opposite sides of the field
  • we could spray and wipe resources between each group
  • sports days on different days
  • different activities across different areas around the outside of the school
  • 1/2 the equipment to allow more groups to use on one day

It was decided that sports days on different days of the week would be the most effective with 3 days apart but because we only have 5 full weeks left it was agreed to split the resources and foundation phase to have one half and KS2 the other.  This would let foundation phase have am one day and KS2 pm the next day and if we held on a Monday and Thursday there would always be 3 days in between.  KR and NK to organise the calendar and KR to share with staff.   The children really wanted to give our different sports day a new name and they agreed on Corona Olympics.


We talked about which resources the children may like they suggested

  • netballs
  • footballs
  • cones
  • stilts
  • long jump
  • speed jump
  • hoops
  • bean bags
  • skipping ropes
  • tags for tag rugby
  • bats and balls
  • tennis balls
  • batons

As it is the Olympics this year, the parliament felt it would be nice if each class created their own Olympics and NK suggested that they need to come up with their own itinerary to share with all staff and so that we can see what has been decided.

Was also suggested that as parents can not be invited to the sports day, videos or pictures could be shared on Google Classroom and Seesaw.

NK asked the parliament to think about whether they would like the activities to be competitive with stickers given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  The parliament felt that it would be nice to have some competitive activities with stickers and some activities for fun.



  • Each class to go back and create a poster and itinerary of their Corona Olympics
  • NK to decide on number of competitive races for each class and organise stickers for these
  • staff to look at ways to share some of the sports day activities on Google classroom and Seesaw
  • KR to share information with all staff
  • RD to create just giving pages for our charities
  • Each class to create non-uniform day posters to share on website, Google Classroom and Seesaw.